So claims Daniel de Vise over at the WaPo, and I think he makes a compelling case for tricking out everyone’s favorite foul for feasting:

The possibilities for genetic manipulation seem endless. At a bare minimum, the turkey might be genetically engineered to convey a bit more flavor. And turkeys aren’t the most comely of birds; could they be bred for better looks as well as taste? How about a turkey that arrives pre-stuffed, or packed with extra endorphins to pacify a dysfunctional family? Or thighs thick enough for the NFL?

“For me, it would be gigantic, Earl Campbell legs,” said Damian Salvatore, chef of Persimmon Restaurant in Bethesda, alluding to the former football great. “If they could get some of that leg taste into the breast, that would be perfection to me.”

A fluff piece, yes, but Virginia Tech did sequence the turkey genome. There are a lot fewer ethical qualms with at least testing out genetic engineering on turkeys than other livestock. They’re so dumb as is, they might be the first candidate to grow headless and de-feathered. Vat turkeys. Delicious.

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