500x_keyboard_stickersEpic Friday Edition

  1. Is Slavery the New Green Energy? How some people can say the things they say with no self-reflection baffles me.
  2. Megan’s fun time with Game Theory Economics.
  3. Buy it for me: Lightblade Umbrella.
  4. The Evolution of the Hipster.
  5. How I see the world most of the time. It’s why I spend so much time laughing, the rest of you just don’t hear the commentary track.
  6. Really, really failed predictions of the future.
  7. Marriage is a conscious, continuous process. Great article.
  8. Artificial larynx. Ned Gerblansky will be pleased.
  9. Kid dreams vs. Adult dreams. My dreams tend to be psychedelic and cinematic. What does THAT mean?
  10. Awesome keyboard alphabet. (Pictured)
  11. One of four reasons I exercise. Vanity is another.
  12. Rinderpest is gone! Go sit in the corner with small pox.
  13. Mind controlled prosthetic hand.
  14. Ten great reasons to use a condom.
  15. I don’t know what to think about this trend. I’m only 8% Scottish.
  16. James Lipton is weird and I love it. “Ponder it”
  17. Naked Coke. Aesthetically pleasing in the right light, but under florescents on store shelves…probably won’t fly.
  18. The incredible shrinking space suit.
  19. Biometric jewelry. Mood rings of the 21st century.
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