Yes, these retrospectives of the year can be tedious, but since Pop Transhumanism was started last year as a New Year’s resolution, this is also the one year anniversary of the blog. Despite some early missteps, I think I’ve finally gotten my feet under me. My goal was to average a post a day. The grand total is just under 400: success! It took me a bit of time, but I really hit my stride after October. Now it’s just a matter of keeping up the pace and the quality, both of which will hopefully increase.

I owe a lot to James Hughes, George Dvorsky, Michael Anissimov, and R.U. Sirius for giving me opportunities and exposure early on, which was both encouraging and kept me on my toes. Thanks! Of course, my motley crew of friends were my first and remain my most loyal readers. Thanks, you guys, for sending me links and commenting and harassing me to keep writing when I was being mopey.

The goal next year is simple: keep going and keep getting better. I’m going to (finally) organize the other pages on the blog, hopefully develop a report with some blogs I love, and get some more exposure. I’m kind of shocked I’ve written as much as I have, hopefully I’ll surprise myself some more next year.

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