It’s been a rough week folks. I try not to live for the weekends, but man am I glad this one is here.

  1. Dog fitted with $$$ prosthetic leg.
  2. Self-control is contagious. Does that mean I can infect you with my self-control and then after you’ve declined it, take the last doughnut?
  3. LadyHarry. No further explanation, but you know you want to click.
  4. Liberals and Libertarians in Sci-Fi. I never thought of Ghostbusters as a capitalist parable before.
  5. Biotech water purification boat. I still don’t understand why the seas haven’t been more intensely developed and explored.
  6. Martin Chalfie’s workbench is a thing of beauty.
  7. Avatar as a defense of property rights. So, wait, is this movie a left or right wing critique?
  8. Innovative solutions to organ transplants. And the weird definition of “death” here and around the world.
  9. Pictures of cats. BIG CATS.
  10. Synthetic bone made from tree wood. Huh huh. Bone. Wood.
  11. Strawberry Crab. Furry Lobster.
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