Andrea James has an outstanding essay on the gender binary and sports over at Boing Boing:

Unless you’ve been affected by it, understanding how social realities like a sex binary get reified and justified through technology can be hard to see. It all gets framed as “natural” and “normal,” while anything that disrupts social realities gets labeled “unnatural” and “abnormal.” The words created by “sex science” reinforce the binary and uphold the primacy of procreation: homosexual, bisexual, transsexual (across to the “opposite” sex), intersexual (between two). There’s an inherent danger with looking to the body for absolute truths, but that’s in fashion right now. Famed sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld believed in “justice through science,” meaning that findings would eliminate prejudice against sex and gender minorities. That has not come to pass. We know of several genes that affect skin and hair pigment, and that hasn’t stopped racism. We know of several genes and environmental factors that affect characteristics associated with sex, but that hasn’t stopped sexism. Researchers have recently found genetic repetitions implicated in gender identity and expression, but that hasn’t stopped transphobia. In fact, science, as we see in the Caster case, it often misused to reinforce prejudice and prevailing ideology.

It’s supremely well written and makes points far better than those I was grasping towards in the last post. James calls out techno-progressives and cites Martine Rothblatt. Read the whole thing.

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