Garry Kasparov, the famed chess master who was defeated by IBM’s Deep Blue, on chess, A.I., and the human mind. I was caught in particular by this creative idea:

In what Rasskin-Gutman explains as Moravec’s Paradox, in chess, as in so many things, what computers are good at is where humans are weak, and vice versa. This gave me an idea for an experiment. What if instead of human versus machine we played as partners? My brainchild saw the light of day in a match in 1998 in León, Spain, and we called it “Advanced Chess.” Each player had a PC at hand running the chess software of his choice during the game. The idea was to create the highest level of chess ever played, a synthesis of the best of man and machine.

[“The Chess Master and the Computer” – NY Review of Books, h/t MR]

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