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I’m an Apple fanboy. I grew up with a Mac and a PC in the house, I gamed on the PC, did everything else on the Mac (papers, movies, photoshop, web). I want an Apple tablet so badly I could cry. And I want it so I can read books and magazines again.

I live on the web. If I didn’t have to pay rent and tuition, all I would do all day is read and write, posting as here much as possible. Books and comic books, honest to God, are the only thing I don’t read on an LCD. I only take notes with pen and paper. I am made for the tablet.

I also honestly believe that a tablet is the only thing that can save the print industry. If the tablet lets you highlight, take notes, own your books instead of remotely lease them (Kindle), view textbooks and magazines in vivid color with video, and read websites in a full browser, then I think we’ll see a revolution in printing that blows the digital music revolution out of the water.

Keep your fingers crossed this thing isn’t another Apple TV. If it does what it could do, prepare to watch the world change, again.

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