io9 asks that question about 18 possible new shows that are in the works. The one I’m simultaneously most afraid of and most excited for:

Star Wars: The Live-Action Series. Who knows when we’ll actually see this? Plus, of course, George Lucas’ previous attempts at doing live-action Star Wars TV actually made The Phantom Menace look like Citizen Kane. Still, we can’t help being excited by the idea of this show — maybe it’s the fact that it’s supposed to be more noir, focussing on the underbelly of bounty hunters and smugglers after the rise of the Empire. Any show that features a big role for Boba Fett can’t be all bad. Not to mention, we hope Lucas finds a way to include Jedi-gone-rogue Quinlan Vos. Plus there are all those whispers that Lucas was recruiting some of Britain’s best drama writers to pitch in. So let’s hope it happens.

Lucas is a terrible director and a worse writer, but he is an awesome producer and special effects visionary. If he can be the bigger man, step back, and let someone else craft and dialogue his universe while he still gets to invent and explore, it’ll be the best thing on TV in ages (the SW expanded universe is unbelievably enormous). If Lucas demands he writes and directs, I hope TV execs have the balls to tell him, “Thanks, but no.”

Also exciting: A Game of Thrones, Riverworld, and Being Human.

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