In a surprise to no one, the military is looking at cog-enhancing drugs for its soldiers (most drugs given now are to elite squads, not rank-and-file) and equip them with robotic buddies, like Big Dog, or Lockheed Martin’s HULC. The Live Science article is almost totally speculation, but sometimes these are fun to post. One real development is used to justify talking about lots of others way way way down the pipeline:

Soldiers might have knowledge presented to them via augmented reality systems that superimpose data on their view of their surroundings and virtual reality systems that immerse them in computer simulated environments.

With the aid of head or wrist displays and data gloves, they could view remote areas of the battlefield through sensors, operate robots with spoken commands or gestures, and receive new training in critical skills whenever and wherever they want or need.

I have been hearing about these head and wrist displays for ages. Every Discovery Channel special on military future tech I’ve watched since I was twelve talked about them. My guess is that until the tech is built into the soldier’s eye and uses a fraction of the current electricity, it’ll never make it to the battlefield.

[“Future Soldiers: Brain Boosters, Exoskeletons, and Digital Buddies” – Live Science]

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