Hughes demolishes Singulitarians who want a friendly AI dictatorship:

Perhaps I’m dating myself by hearing Marxist-Leninist warning sirens go off when I read the Singularitarian assertions that the benevolent omnipotent AI would be democratic if democracy was what was in our interests. Anyway, those sirens do go off for me.

The claim is that turning all our decision-making over to a robot god that loved us couldn’t possibly be totalitarian since it would be the fulfillment of our own self-determination, the ultimate democracy. SLAVERY IS FREEDOM.

I don’t buy it, and it scares the heck out of me that some intelligent people in the transhumanist community do. Not because I am very worried about the prospect of our being subjected to a robot dictatorship, but because it shows how open to totalitarian double-think the community is. Although I don’t expect a friendly super-AI I do expect lots of different kinds of future political elites motivated by flavors of “we’re doing this in everybody else’s interest even though they don’t realize it.” My intent here is not to disparage the idea of government by benevolent super-AI, which I consider patently absurd. It is to point to the danger of this kind of rationalizing of absolutism.

His teeth are sharper in the comments here than I’ve seen in a while. Awesome.

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