That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this chicken is both a hen and a rooster:

The bodies of these hen-rooster hybrids, or gynandromorphs, have a mixture of genetically male and female cells, the research reveals.

Only about 1 in 10,000 chickens are born as gynandromorphs, which have male features—such as a rooster’s comb and a defensive leg spur—on one side of their bodies and dainty, henlike features on the other.

Researchers had thought a rare genetic abnormality causes the condition. To test this theory, Michael Clinton of the University of Edinburgh and his team analyzed cells from three gynandromorph chickens.

To their surprise, the team found that the chickens’ cells were normal. What was strange, however, was that male cells made up one half of the body, and female cells composed the other half.

What happens when nature creates an abomination of itself? Does that mean it’s not an abomination or that nature is just inherently abominable?

Half-Male Chicken Mystery Solved” – Nat Geo

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