I have never understood the “real men are simple” while women, intellectuals, and other elites are unnecessarily complex. An example from the DogHouse:

I’m an armchair design buff. I love typefaces and color schemes and knowing the difference between esoteric design styles and complex color theory (like why brown and pink look great together, but not brown and red). Somehow this negates my having a penis, and the more complex set is clearly unnecessarily so. This is exemplary of how people elevate elective ignorance. “Blue is blue” except when it’s not. Teal and turquoise are clearly different. And why is this a gender thing? Last time I checked, every kid in school preferred the 64 colors box of crayola crayons to the 8 color box. Or maybe feminism is responsible for this.

Crap like this is why Ron Paul is in the same party as Dick Cheney and why Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and Sarah Palin are more well known than Milton Friedman and F.A. Hayek among “limited government” types. Because everything gets lumped together under a guise of populist bullshit. Stop cowering behind your ignorance by making it seem like being more specific and informed is somehow frivolous.

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