It’s 2010 folks. We have robot vacuums, get our eyes fixed with lasers, Richard Branson has a personal spacecraft, and anyone who uses Google Chat or Skype has a video phone. Whether or not it feels like the future to us, this is somebody’s future. Philip K. Dick would be screaming and running around in circles, yelling, “I predicted that, and that, AND THAT.”

I just spent a bit of time talking with my sister, who lives in Seattle, via the wonder that is gchat. We talked for an hour, for free, in full screen color. We showed our cats to one another (pets are a universal language) and talked about the various medical procedures we’d had/were about to have. We used the glorious technology of the internet, personal computers, and video cameras to chit chat about the weather, I kid you not.

Both of us have to go to the dentist, and I know I’ll have to at least have a cavity or two filled, and they’ll have to fix my little permanent retainer to keep my lower front teeth from going full-blown hillbilly on me. It blows my mind that even though we live “in the future” I still have to worry about them filling my rotting teeth with metal. Or if I have a headache and they don’t know why, they inject you with a compound that makes your blood glow so you can be bombarded with X-rays by a CT scanner. In danger of proving Louis C.K.’s motto for the early 21st century true, I wish I didn’t have to use amazing technology to complain about the parts of my life that haven’t caught up yet.

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