Two videos for y’all

First: Christina Hendricks dismantles herself for a dream in Broken Bells’ “Ghost Inside”

And then we come to the amazing Janelle Monae. The album is called ArchAndroid, Janelle’s character in the album is an android (gynoid for the nit-picky) and the chick with the relaxed hair who kind of looks like Wanda Sykes does a mean robot dance:

UPDATE: Commenter “Will” noticed I left out Monae’s “Many Moons.” I had posted it on an oooooold post, but now that YouTube embed is gone. The link to Monae’s “Many Moons.”. And, for a couple more songs, check Common and Pharrell’s “Universal Mind Control” and Lupe Fiasco’s “Daydreamin‘,”

Also – Is anyone else upset that Christina Aguilera’s new album Bionic didn’t produce a sci-fi music video? Not to mention Lady Gaga hasn’t gone there yet (SHE WILL DON’T DOUBT HER).

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