Life has been ridiculous the past few months. Lay off, job hunt, scholarships, freelancing, huge apartment move, Krull the Volcano, family events, and a bevy of little hurdles and joys here and there has made things mind-fryingly difficult to process.  To say I needed a week or two away from everything is a massive understatement.

The ol’ gray matter needed a serious reboot and the spin-up time is a bit excessive. I am very lucky to have a lot of good people in my life who were there to help me celebrate or cry (or both) whatever the occasion, and this past week was definitely a testement to their loyalty and friendship. I can’t thank  them all enough.

In one of those utterly bizarre, synchronicity-laced moments in my life, today marks the confluence of the many great aspects of these past months coming to fruition. June jumped in here and was like “HEY LET’S GRAB THIS THING BY THE SHORT AND CURLIES AND MAKE IT COUNT.” Some of it is still Skunkworks, but that won’t stop me from going full Yeager this summer.

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