Michael Shermer investigates the “point” of the universe. The chart above represents the structure and drives that accompany each level of social organization. Shermer explains:

Humans have an evolved sense of purpose — a psychological desire to accomplish a goal — that developed out of behaviors that were selected for because they were good for the individual or for the group. Although cultures may differ on what behaviors are defined as purposeful, the desire to behave in purposeful ways is an evolved trait. Purpose is in our nature. With brains big enough to discover and define purpose in symbolic ways inconceivable to billions of preceding and co-existing species, humans stand apart as genuinely unique in our attention to purposeful behavior. Evolution gave us a purpose-driven life.

How we define our purposeful  lives may be personal, but there is an inherent structure to the human condition that helps delimit our search. Humans have evolved as a social primate species with a hierarchy of needs depicted in the diagram below, in which individuals belong to families, families to extended families, extended families to communities, communities to societies, and most perceiving societies as part of the species, and the species as part of the biosphere.

H/T: BigThink