The Dark Knight Rises is going to be good. At the rate Nolan has been going, it might be another masterpiece. Speculation was all over the map, but now we know who the prime foes will be: Bane and Catwoman. I speculated long ago that Catwoman was a great choice, but Bane caught me by surprise. I had put my money on Hugo Strange or the Black Mask. So the question is, what will Bane do?

My buddy Matt pointed out some very well researched guesses over at IGN’s Comics-to-Film about source material for the Venom enhanced murder machine’s possible role in the final chapter of the Nolan Batman Trilogy. I still thing Strange is acting as an influence for Bane. Perhaps Nolan will blend the two. Comics-to-Film supports that theory:

Many were quick to assume the rumors of Prey influencingTDKR were false once it was announced that Bane, not Strange, would serve as the film’s main villain. However, the general concept of the GCPD declaring war on Batman is easily applicable. The Dark Knight ended with Batman framing himself for Harvey Dent’s murders and fleeing from the police. It stands to reason that the relationship between the hero and Gotham’s finest will remain strained in the sequel. Gordon’s personal turmoil at being forced to hunt his friend and ally was a major element of Prey, just as we imagine it will be in The Dark Knight Rises.

Given his own prodigious intellect and slight mental instability, Bane could easily serve as a fill-in for Strange. The fact that Catwoman also plays a minor role in Prey doesn’t hurt the odds of this story being adapted.

2012 can’t come fast enough.