John Brockman, founder of, lists his essential reading. Emphasis added:

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. In the sciences I read Nature,Scientific AmericanScienceNew ScientistDiscover. General-interest publications include The EconomistThe New York Review of BooksThe New YorkerWiredThe AtlanticProspect. In all cases, I read the print editions. Online, the first stop is always Arts & Letters Daily. I look at The GuardianThe IndependentThe Observer and The Daily Telegraph and leading German papers. Sometimes I look at Slate and Salon. I don’t read blogs unless I’m sent a link. For serendipitous reading, I rely on my Twitter feed, on which I follow around 40 people, all of whom I know. If they take the time to put up a link to something they think is interesting, chances are it’s worth reading.

Just saying.