A huge issue for health care is that you cannot make a pill unless it treats a disease or a symptom of a disease. For example, most men who take Viagra don’t have a disease or disorder like “erectile dysfunction,” they’re just older and their body isn’t trying to get them to hump everything that moves. Same goes for women. There may in fact be a pill that increases female sex drive. However, because we can’t just go handing those pills out, the FDA needed a disease to justify the drug. Hence, female sexual dysfunction.

Actually, FSD vs ED is a telling comparison as to how female vs male sexuality is medicalized. ED is specific, physical, and mechanical in nature. FSD is vague and psychological. ED is about men being able to have sex. FSD is about women wanting or enjoying sex. Because of course men always want and enjoy sex, if they can’t get up, it must be a physical thing. And of course women wouldn’t just have a physical issue, she must be frigid, better get a pill to loosen her up. Sigh.

H/T Reason Mag