A British couple was prevented from adopting on the grounds that the couple could not tell a child that homosexuality was an acceptable lifestyle:

They rejected suggestions that the case involved “a threat to religious liberty”, adding: “No one is asserting that Christians – or, for that matter, Jews or Muslims – are not fit and proper persons to foster or adopt. No-one is contending for a blanket ban.”

Speaking outside the court in London, Mrs Johns said: “All we wanted was to offer a loving home to a child in need. We have a good track record as foster parents.

“We have been excluded because we have moral opinions based on our faith and we feel sidelined because we are Christians with normal, mainstream, Christian views on sexual ethics.

“We are prepared to love and accept any child. All we were not willing to do was to tell a small child that the practice of homosexuality was a good thing.”

I think the prospective parents are in the wrong and that their views are troubling. However, parental opinion on homosexuality is far to weak a criteria for disallowing adoption. No one goes into the neo-natal unit asking expectant parents if they will be telling their child it’s ok to be gay.

Incidents like this one remind us that the scrutiny adoptive parents undergo is either far too much, or the scrutiny biological parents undergo is far to little.