In my most recent SNF post, I argue that a lot of our concerns over enhancement come from a strange acceptance of so-so health care:

But here’s the interesting thing: neither the US nor the UK have regulations in place for prescription pharmaceuticals that are not therapeutic. Drugs that don’t cure an illness but still have a beneficial effect have one of two paths: either find an illness they do cure or invent an illness that the drug seems to cure. An example of the latter is Viagra. I don’t care what the DSM says, erectile dysfunction is not real illness. But Viagra works. It  doesn’t “cure” anything, but it sure makes a lot of people’s lives better, which is great thing. But it’s a massive problem that there is no way for drugs that make our health better to find their way onto the market.

And there in lies the problem. Save vaccines, modern medicine just doesn’t know what to do with medicine that prevents disease or improves a person’s life. But there is a branch of health care that does focus on preventative care: the dentist.