I couldn’t resist aping Science Progressheadline. Actually, the article is about a new diagnostic test for genetic problems in early fetuses. This new test, called NIPD, is less risky for the fetus and the woman.

The fetal gene tests now offered are far from a walk in the park. For amniocentesis, a long needle is poked through your abdomen and uterus to extract amniotic fluid when you’re about 15-20 weeks pregnant. Chorionic villus sampling takes a snip of placental tissue, acquired by snaking a catheter through your vagina and cervix at 10-12 weeks. Both procedures carry a 0.5 percent to 1 percent risk of miscarriage.

By contrast, for NIPD [noninvasive prenatal diagnosis] you’d simply give a little extra blood at the lab at your first prenatal checkup. There would be no risk at all to you or the fetus. And you’d get the results before you were visibly pregnant, before you’d told your mother or your friends.