Lane Moore highlights the idiocy of manxiety and TV shows preying upon the fears of being emasculated.

I could go on and on about how this “Bros Being Bros Who Put Bros Before Hos And Other Words That Rhyme With Bros (maybe something about Bose speakers?)” TV line-up is largely ridiculous and vaguely disturbing, but I’d prefer to address the fact that this issue is arguably just as hurtful to men as it is to women.

What’s interesting about the trend is that, in many ways, one of the reasons we keep hearing about the ‘masculinity crisis’ is because it’s being pushed to the forefront under the guise of “Women are becoming too powerful, so men are becoming wimps. We must put a stop to this!”

This mind-set completely ignores the possibility that pushing for a regimented view of what is masculine and what is not is undoubtedly contributing to the ‘crisis’ itself.