Apparently watching “16 and Pregnant” is an awesome form of abortion prevention. Double X’s Jessica Grose covers a new survey “The Millennials, Religion and Abortion” and how the newest generation thinks:

In addition to asking their subjects the usual questions (religious affiliation, race, etc.) the researchers turned up four more novel factors that they say influenced people’s feelings about abortion: 1)  Whether the person has a “situationalist” or “principle-based” approach to morality, 2) Whether they know  someone who has had an abortion, 3) Whether they’ve watched TV shows like MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, and 4) Whether they’ve recently seen ultrasound images.

On the first point, the researchers divided people into two main categories: Those who believe that what is right or wrong depends on the situation, and those who believe that unbending principles dictate whether something is right or wrong. Most of the people in the first camp think abortion should be legal in most cases. A plurality of people in the second camp think it shouldn’t. On the second and third point, the study found that people who are friends with someone who’s had an abortion or who have watched a marathon session of Teen Mom are more supportive of abortion being legal in all or most cases. However, on the fourth question, people who have recently seen an ultrasound image are less supportive of abortion being legal in all or most cases.

So does that mean someone like Bristol Palin actually is a good abstinence speaker? No, but watching her terrible example should prevent an unwanted child or two.