The reason I study transhumanism and human enhancement is because cutting-edge tech forces us to revisit what we believe to be the “central” issue in a practice or action. Ross Douthat and Adam Serwer trade paries and thrusts over the use of abortion for sex-selection and the bias towards males. Douthat starts, then Serwer replies, Douthat rebuts, and Serwer concludes. A choice graf from Serwer:

Making abortion illegal isn’t likely to solve the problem either. Sex-selective abortion is already illegal. Dowry is already illegal. Making abortion illegal won’t stop abortions, but it will probably increase the number of women who die trying to get them–or perhaps worse, in some cases it could lead to a return of parents actually killing their female children after they’re born. Simply outlawing abortion would be like leeching someone with a gunshot wound. It’s ultimately counterproductive to say that a phenomenon caused by women’s lower social status can be solved by making it illegal for women to make decisions about when they have children.