And, as it turns out, even NPR’s readers can be simpletons. The high placement of lower quality works, such as Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (of which I couldn’t read beyond the second book), combined with the omission of Dhalgren, David Brin, a lot of Philip K. Dick (no Ubik?), His Dark Materials, and other classics is baffling. Not to mention the arbitrary decisions to allow some books to be voted on as a series, but not others (Terry Pratchett’s books were all up for individual consideration? How does one pick?) causes further eyebrow raising.

With lists like this, I often wonder if it’s worth limiting to a medium. I’d love to see a list of “Greatest Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories of All Time.” Seeing Mass Effect, Star Trek, and H.P. Lovecraft on the same list would be glorious.

Image: Iorek and Lyra by Marco Mazzoni