Pop Bioethics has been dormant longer than I’d care to admit.

A new career path, a new apartment in a new borough, and the loss of a beloved family member formed a triumvirate fulcrum upon which my life has pivoted this past month. Writing has been neigh impossible.

I spend a tremendous amount of time reading, watching, playing, listening to, and discussing the finer points of pop culture, bioethics, science, medicine, and technology. From this, glimmers of hints of rumors have begun to emerge. The human path towards the future is not predicted by boffins or conjured by imagineers but is instead found in the modern mythopoetic process that plays out in our media. Our values, our beliefs and our hopes forge themselves into visions through which our reality is refracted. Position yourself properly and the image shifts, lenticular. We only need dare to take the tack oblique.

More and more, the hologram of the coming century is one in which the world is shaped not by our technologies but by our rights. A proper 21st century Futurama would be populated by booths of rights activists, sociologists, philosophers, and anthropologists – more of Foucault than of Fuller, I suspect. Why? Simple. The future is here. The concern is no longer attaining but maintaining.

In this space I intend to continue exploring how we should live in the future. As with everything, my belief is that through synthesis we will find the next step in our long march forward. William Blake, who had an incredible ability to see ahead by looking inward, offers a few lines that are fine axioms upon which I can continue this project.

Improvement makes strait roads, but the crooked roads without Improvement, are roads of Genius.

Where man is not nature is barren.

Truth can never be told so as to be understood, and not be believ’d.

There are no answers here. Only suppositions, surmises, guesses and even the occasional wild-eyed shot in the dark. My ideas are and will be founded on what I hope will be tilting towards the truth, but errors are expected, anticipated, and embraced.

On to what’s next.