In the new issue of Arc (out May 28th) I explore why gaming is a new way to tell stories and lets us explore old ideas in new ways.

“I, the reader, am not culpable for the destiny of Romeo and Juliet simply because I turn the page. Games demand that we choose to take the action that gives the story weight. In that moment of confrontation – of ‘This is unfair! The game only gives two options and I don’t want to take either!’ – we realize that our only way out is either through the narrative, or via the power button.

“By throwing these rules in our way – rules we know to be programmed and designed – video games call our attention to the constructed narratives in our everyday lives. When we are presented with two choices and neither is desirable, we see the rules of the system laid bare.”

Arc is new but amazing. The last issue featured articles by folks like Margaret Atwood, China Miéville, and Bruce Sterling.