I am Kyle Munkittrick. Welcome to Pop Bioethics, where I write about everything that interests me. I am in turns a bioethicist, a futurist, and critic. If it has anything to do with science, medicine, philosophy, or pop culture, I’ll do my best to overanalyze it here.

My musings on the future of humanity have appeared all over the internet. I have written for Discover Magazine‘s blog The Crux and Science Not Fiction and as a regular contributor to the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, where I am an Affiliate Scholar and the former Program Director for Envisioning the Future. I also have the occasional thought appear on sites like Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish, io9, Arc Magazine, Slate, Blogging Heads.tv, The Berman Institute, Marginal Revolution, Reason, and Big Think.

I’ve spent time enjoying the insides of the classrooms of, libraries in, and bars around George Mason University, the University of Oxford, and New York University – I even managed to acquire a Master’s degree in bioethics and critical along the way.

I do my best to make complex and controversial issues accessible and interesting. Interested in having me write for you, republishing something I’ve written, or having me speak for your organization? Shoot me an email: kyle [at] popbioethics.com